Delivering New Homes Through Urban Renewal

The Government’s announcement establishing a new urban development authority is welcomed by Wellington Chamber of Commerce as a way to build thousands of new homes.

"A national urban development authority responsible for delivering large-scale urban renewal projects has the ability to significantly help solve New Zealand’s housing supply shortage," says Chief Executive John Milford.

"The model unveiled by Housing & Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford looks to include the legal powers necessary to push ahead with developments that are checked by extensive community consultation provisions.

"Wellington is a geographically constrained city. So new housing here is increasingly going to be built by brownfields redevelopments.

"I look forward to the UDA working with Wellington’s councillors on identifying areas that could benefit from this type of renewal.

"Wellington cannot afford for younger and lower income families to be priced out of the housing market. Substantially increasing the supply of new houses requires decisive policy action such as this.

"However, getting local support for large-scale development projects, particularly within existing communities, is challenging. I hope local councils and political leaders are able to demonstrate a willingness to front up and advocate for urban renewal projects that provided new homes and amenities for their residents."

Contact: Brent Webling

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