Business Central & Wellington Chamber Confirm Carbon Zero Status

Business Central & the Wellington Chamber of Commerce has today confirmed its carbon zero status for the year ending June 2018 through Enviro-Mark Solution’s carboNZero programme.

The organisation’s total emissions this year were 44.20 tCO2e, which is 2% lower than last year’s total of 45.29 tCO2e and 10% lower than the base year total of 48.92 tCO2e.

This is the third year in a row the organisation has been certified carbon neutral.

Business Central & Wellington Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive John Milford says the efforts his team continues to make to reduce energy consumption and waste is producing good results.

"Whether it be separating waste from recycling using our bins from Method Recycling, or just simply switching off all lights and computers at the end of the day, we are continuing to make a concentrated effort to reduce our carbon footprint."

"What we haven’t been able to reduce has been offset by purchasing carbon credits from the Hinewai Forest on Banks Peninsula."

"Reducing our carbon emissions by 10% in three years is a good start, but we know there is more that we can do to improve this."

"We are committed to further reducing our carbon emissions and we want to encourage our members to do so as well," said Mr Milford.

Contact: Brent Webling


Email: 021 821 383