Three Waters Review Must Look at Councils’ Ability to Deliver

The Government’s review of the country’s three waters infrastructure needs to dig deep into the ability of local councils to bring existing systems up to acceptable standards and build new where it’s needed, says Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

"This review is vital, and we welcome it," says Chief Executive John Milford. "But at the heart of it lies how the infrastructure is going to be paid for and delivered, and that’s where the focus must be.

"This is an issue of safety for many communities, as we have seen in recent times, and we must get it right.

"That means putting in place mechanisms that deliver clean and safe water everywhere and ensuring waste is dealt with appropriately.

"That could mean taking the three waters away from councils, aggregating service delivery, or merely making sure the existing system is adequately financed.

"In the Wellington region we are fortunate to have a well-performing, robust, and safe joined-up system that involves four city councils and the regional council, but not all communities are as lucky, and that’s why all options must be explored carefully, and councils everywhere must insist they are part of the process."

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