Chamber Welcomes Latest Step Toward Indoor Arena

Wellington Chamber of Commerce welcomes the latest step towards the city getting a new indoor concert arena big enough to attract national and international acts and events.

"The city has been waiting for far too long for a decent venue while watching act after act pass us by," says Chief Executive John Milford.

"This can’t come soon enough, but it must be done right.

"The experts tell us we will get best value from a 12,000-seat arena, which could be worth $26 million in earnings to the region each year, so that should be the starting point.

"The location has to be right as well. It must be near the centre of the city and close to transport and other amenities, and the preferred option of Kings Wharf fits that bill perfectly.

"Then it’s down to how it’s paid for. The council is doing exactly the right thing by talking to promoters, operators and developers with a view to making this a private-public partnership. That model works well elsewhere and it’s the sensible thing to do.

"With in-principle buy-in from the region’s mayors, all that’s needed now is to work with CentrePort over how the Harbour Quays area will be utilised for everyone.

"If this goes ahead, the bonus will be it will likely further open up that end of the city by attracting retail and commercial around it.

"The Chamber of Commerce will be happy to work with the council in any way we can to make this happen."

Contact: Brent Webling

Phone: 021 821 383