Investment in Wellington rail welcomed by Chamber

Investment in Wellington rail welcomed by Chamber

The Government's weekend announcement of a $37 million Wellington Commuter Package has been welcomed by the Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

"Continued infrastructural investment in Wellington is critical for the development and economic growth of our region," says John Milford, Wellington Chamber Chief Executive.

"Along with this year's Budget announcement, this total investment of $135.4 million plays catch-up, showing the scale of work that's required, and we welcome it.

"While this investment is necessary, given rail has faced years of infrastructure neglect, the Government needs to keep commercial viability of its investments at the forefront of its decision-making.

"We would like to see further scale increased by investigating the current commuter demand on the Wairarapa connection and, while we note that it is more of the regional council's role, we eagerly await the details of the promised programme to better integrate and optimise rail and bus services – extending to integrated ticketing as well as integrated passenger information and communications.

"We strongly support investment in passenger rail in Wellington as a means of freeing up the roading network, and reducing congestion and carbon dioxide emissions.

The Wellington commuter rail package announced by the Government includes:
· A full double track on the Hutt Valley Line between Upper Hutt and Trentham - $22 million
· A third platform for Porirua Station - $3.5 million
· A turn-back facility at Plimmerton - $2.5 million
· Upgrade of bridges and slopes - $9 million
· Upgrade of 'Park and Ride' facilities for the Kapiti and Hutt Valley Lines
· A programme to integrate and optimise rail and bus services.

For more information contact John Milford, 027 580 3064