Meet Jonathan Gold, LA Times Food Critic

In celebration of Wellington's annual gastronomic experience, Wellington Chamber of Commerce partnered with Wellington Culinary Events Trust to bring LA Times food critic, Jonathan Gold to Visa Wellington On a Plate.  


We sat down with the man himself to get the Do's and Don'ts of a world-renowned travelling foodie.

What is your first stop when visiting a new city?
"When going to a town I've never been to before - social media only points me to the popular consensus - that's not what I'm looking for." 

What do you look for then?
"The place off the main square that has a group of people, talking enjoying, the place where people go to be together. That's without the cricket blasting on tv."

What is your random favourite childhood food?
"Does fried chicken count?"

What do you do when visiting a new city?
"Read a lot, I try to really learn about what I am writing about: the people, the place, the ingredients..."

Best restaurant you've tried in LA this year?
Jonathan Gold named 'Locol,  the 2017 LA Times Restaurant of the Year. "It serves is neither fusion nor fine dining, but an attempt to redefine fast food with kitchen techniques you usually find in restaurants that cost 40 times as much." Locol an innovative project between Roy Choi, a well-known Korean food truckextraordinaire and Michelin star chef Daniel Paterson, founder of a skater-themed fast-food spot. "Locol makes good, healthy, innovative food at fast food prices, for neighbourhoods that don't seem to have it."

Why is Los Angeles, what you claim is, the most vibrant city in the world?

"Diversity makes us stronger. It's something I've worked my entire life to promote. There are twice as many Central Americans in L.A as there are people in Wellington. We have the culinary, intellectual, and social diversity from immigration that makes L.A the most vibrant and alive city around."

Join Jonathan Gold Sunday 27 August at ConversatioNZ Symposium 2017. Get your tickets here

Photo: Ross Giblin