WelTec & Whitireia Merger Would Benefit Wellington Students, Businesses

If Wellington is to become a student city with a thriving education sector, it requires a healthy and financially sustainable polytechnic, according to the Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

"Making a step-change in Wellington’s education sector requires big decisions, so the announcement today of a proposed merger of WelTec and Whitireia polytechnics is welcomed," says Chief Executive John Milford.

"WelTec and Whitireia have been under financial pressure for some time, so decisive decisions are required to restore confidence in these institutions for the benefit of local students and businesses.

"Wellington requires a strong centre of excellence for vocational and trades training capable of turning out students ready for successful careers in our local job market.

"Yet finding skilled staff is consistently the number one concern of Wellington employers. Reshaping our regional polytechnics and refocusing them on close partnerships with those businesses crying out for practical, work-ready staff is essential."

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