Skilled Newcomers Programme

Skilled NewcomersThe Skilled Newcomers Programme is a free service for both employers and newcomer job seekers. Fully funded by Immigration New Zealand, the programme aims to match the skills of newcomers to New Zealand with the needs of your business.


Looking for skilled talent?

Are you an employer on the lookout for skilled talent? Do you have a position that needs filling? The Skilled Newcomers Programme is perfect for you and your business. It is a FREE SERVICE for employers in New Zealand and is a great opportunity to diversify your team, gain a competitive advantage, and bring some extraordinary talent into your business.

We work with a wide range of professionals with backgrounds that include;








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New to New Zealand? Looking for work?

We are always happy to learn of new skills entering New Zealand and we deliver this programme to assist you on your pathway to settling into New Zealand and to connect you with employers on the lookout for the great skills, experience, and qualifications you have brought with you.

How does the programme work?

When you contact us, we will assess your job readiness and, depending on the result, may take the following steps:

  • Refer you to a support agency to assist with refining your CV and cover letter
  • Help you identify with the job market and source new employment opportunities
  • Link you to our employers who are looking for staff
  • Motivate and encourage you to find suitable work
  • Support you through the interview and appointment process
  • Provide updates on Business Central-sourced employment opportunities
  • Offer you ongoing career support and advice

Am I eligible?

The Skilled Newcomers Programme is available to newcomer job seekers who:

  • Have been in New Zealand for less than two years*, and
  • Are legally entitled to work in New Zealand
*If you have been in New Zealand for longer than two years but hold a post-study work visa or are a partner of a skilled migrant, please contact the Programme Coordinator.

Apply/register your interest

To register your interest in the Skilled Newcomers Programme, please follow the link below:





Get in touch

Contact the Programme Coordinator

If you would like to learn more about the Skilled Newcomers Programme or have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with James Sauaga, Programmes Coordinator at the Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

James Sauaga

Programmes Coordinator
Wellington Chamber of Commerce
DDI: 04 470 9940


If you are outside the Wellington Region, there are some other excellent Immigration New Zealand funded programmes that assist both newcomers and employers.

New Kiwis |

New Kiwis is a nation-wide New Zealand Chambers of Commerce programme that connects employers and newcomers through the New Kiwis website. An excellent source for job opportunities and skilled talent, New Kiwis is free to both employers and job seekers.

Canterbury Chamber of Commerce |

The Canterbury Chamber of Commerce run a programme called the Connecting Canterbury Employers & Newcomers Skills Programme. Very similar to the Skilled Newcomers Programme, it is free for newcomers based in Canterbury.


The Skilled Newcomers Programme works to achieve one of the five outcomes of the Settlement Support Strategy. Immigration New Zealand provide some excellent resources to assist newcomers to New Zealand and to assist employers taking on skilled migrants

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