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The Business Central Training Team

Adrienne Pryde

Adrienne Pryde Trainer

Adrienne is an experienced health and safety practitioner having worked in the manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and corporate arenas.  She began her career as a registered nurse moving into the occupational health field before deciding to return to university to attain her Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety. 

Adrienne now focuses in the injury prevention area of health and safety where she has extensive experience developing health and safety systems tailored to the needs of individual organisations.   She takes pride in ensuring the systems are both practical and meet audit requirements – particularly those of the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices Programme (WSMP). 

Adrienne currently works as a senior health and safety trainer for Business Central in addition to providing consulting services for Business Central clients as an independent contractor.  Adrienne is also an approved ACC auditor.

Adrienne enjoys delivering both in-house training and public courses in all areas of health and safety including the Health and Safety Representative training required by the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992.

Darryl Le Claire

Darryl Le Claire  Trainer

Darryl brings wide ranging, hands-on experience to his training role. Covering Business Central's Napier and Gisborne areas, he was an approved ACC WSMP auditor for many years and is an experienced OHS trainer.

His background in HR and OHS management allows him to deliver pragmatic compliance and best practice training solutions that are relevant to large and small businesses alike. Darryl's familiarity with the day to day workplace realities facing many businesses means he is able to link regulatory requirements to implementation in an easily understood and practical manner

Debbie Yates

Debbie Yates Trainer

Currently a Senior Trainer with Business Central. Previously has worked as an Employment Relations and HR Consultant for Business Central.

Debbie specialises in soft-skill training, with an eye to ensuring the organisation builds a cooperative, communicative and well managed culture.

She has successfully advocated for both employee and employers, and as a genuine Libran sees both sides of any story...and often a few others. She has recently completed Alternative Dispute Resolution qualification. This is an area that she is passionate about: advocating that areas for potential dispute are best dealt with before they begin to poison an organisation.

Her extensively experience in the not-for-profit sector in both HR and management roles has  created an awareness that if a business is to succeed then every action must count – if you don't have the dollars, then you need to think harder, and treat people well  ; they are your greatest and most valuable resource.

Debbie has trained in the business community;  in the not for profit sector;  in prisons; with counsellors and in early childhood.


Rachel Dougherty – Trainer

Drawing on her 10 years experience across a wide range of sectors and industry, including production and services, Rachel brings a detailed understanding of business and organisation dynamics to her role as a trainer.  

Rachel has a background in, and has delivered training in leadership, management, performance management, as well as bullying and conflict resolution.  She has worked as HR Manager and consulted and worked across a variety of not-for-profit and private sector organisations. 

With experience and training in motivational interviewing, team building and coaching, Rachel also brings expertise in communication and relationship management to her training of managers, teams and team leaders to assist them to work effectively, both individually and at a team level. 

Rachel is committed to assisting organisations develop a culture where people feel supported and safe so that they and the business can thrive.

Adrienne Pryde

Ken McLean Trainer

Ken has extensive experience as a human resource and employment practitioner.  As a former employment relations consultant with Business Central he was responsible for providing advice to employers on a range of issues including the interpretation and application of employment agreements and information pertaining to employment related legislation.  He also assisted employers in the processes of performance management, discipline and personal grievances up to and including representing employers at mediation. 

Ken now brings his wealth of knowledge and experience in management and employment to his training role with Business Central in the areas of holidays and leave, wages and employment law as well as recruiting, performance appraisal and leadership.

Adrienne Pryde

Martin Laurs Trainer

Martin began his health and safety career as a business consultant and trainer with ACC. His brief was to help "at-risk" industry sectors e.g. meat processing, forestry, wood processing, supermarkets and hospitals – build their health and safety capability specifically in terms of the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) programme and the ACC Partnership Plan. His clients varied from NZ's largest corporations through to small family businesses.
Martin particularly enjoys learning about individual business needs and how health and safety can become an integral part of, "how we do things here" and even add value to your bottom-line.
Martin has also worked as a practitioner for labour hire businesses, Meridian Energy and several Government departments setting up health and safety systems and undertaking independent audits to tertiary level.
Martin enjoys training and working closely with both management and employee representatives to make sure your approach to health and safety, health reforms and a drive for continuous improvement is compliant, sustainable and ultimately both morally and financially rewarding!