Championing Change - Palmerston North

Date: Thursday 22 Aug 2019     Time: 8:30am to 4:45pm

Venue: Caccia Birch House, 130 Te Awe Awe Street, Hokowhitu

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Plus or minus 10% to your bottom line.
That’s worth paying attention to.

Few businesses know, but that’s exactly how powerful a role culture can play. How would your staff describe yours? There could be as much as 20% of your productivity on the table, depending on your answer.

Culture is made of many parts, but the good news is, it starts with you. Championing Change will show you how to lead a culture shift from the top.

Learn to

  • Adapt and thrive through workplace change
  • Challenge your own mindset and practices as leader
  • Establish the line for acceptable behaviour and address bullying
  • Help your team remain mentally healthy and strong
  • Identify and support staff who are struggling mentally
  • Support staff experiencing domestic violence
  • Manage staff who perpetrate domestic violence
  • Increase sustainability by understanding of the impact of your product or service throughout its life cycle
  • Build a clear strategy and cohesion across marketing, company culture and technology
  • Lead into the future by exploring the realities of leadership

You’ll learn the role you play as conductor of the cultural orchestra, how to manage your internal relationships and behaviour, the impact technology and the environment are having now and in the future, with a final wrap up to tie it all together.

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The Road to Success

  • Leading change from the top down
    Lauren Foster | Deloitte
    Dan Howell | Deloitte
  • Panel of success stories
    featuring fellow member businesses who have successfully implemented change

People + Relationships

  • Fostering a positive work environment
    Martin McLean | Learning & Development Manager | Business Central
    Martin Laurs | Professional Trainer | Business Central
  • Supporting staff regarding mental health issues
    Lindsey Rayner | Business Partner | POD
  • Supporting staff to speak out about domestic abuse
    Holly Carrington | DVFREE & Policy Adviser | Shine

Environment + Technology

  • The Sustainable Mindset
    Adele Rose | Chief Executive | 3R
  • Change Management and the role of technology
    Ari Sargent | Founder | Powershop & Flux Federation

Pulling it all together

  • Leading into the Future
    Dr. Suze Wilson | Leadership Scholar | Massey University
    Dr. Vasudha Rao | Lecturer | Massey University

Not only will you hear inspiring speakers and culture leaders, but you’ll leave with a folder full of additional resources in hand, ready to help you start building your dream culture straight away.

Taking the time to lay the groundwork for a healthy working culture is an investment in your company’s future. Sew the seed of wellness and watch your productivity grow.

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