Recruitment Workshop

Date: Monday 30 Oct 2017     Time: 9am to 4pm

Venue: Business Central, Level 7 JacksonStone House, 3-11 Hunter Street, Wellington

Recruitment Workshop

Looking for the perfect employee to save the day? Identifying the Heroes for your organisation is no easy feat. 

Ensuring you hire the right talent is an important constituent when it comes to business. Do your advertisements attract the right candidates? How do you understand the difference between someone who interviews well and someone who can actually do the job? Should you work with a recruitment agency?

To guide your search we've assembled an all-star team of recruitment specialists. Each endowed with a unique recruitment power, they'll take you through each recruitment step—from advert to amazing employee.

Do you know how to get the most out of a recruitment agency? What about the pre-recruitment process including cover job descriptions, role competencies and interview questions that best suit the role? These pre-recruitment topics will be covered in the first two sessions to ensure competency and success before the candidate is through the door.

Once pre-recruitment is under your belt, we will show you how to get the best results from digital advertising so you get the right applicants. This means having the right calibre in front of you for implementation of critical interview techniques. These will get you the guts of what you need to know from each applicant, first time round.

An often omitted aspect of recruitment that follows interviewing is aptitude tests. Unearth how these tests can be used to rule out any potential Zeros in the final round while avoiding buyer's remorse for accepting claimed abilities without testing. 

A common mistake is not casting your net wide enough to tap into the full pool of available talent. If you don't get the right candidates through the door, is the rest worth it? Workbridge and Skilled Newcomers Programme join the panel to give the inside word on how to source the best talent that will fit your business needs.

Explore the pitfalls and payoffs of the recruitment process with expert recruitment specialists, announced soon.

Avoid hiring a hero now that turns out to be a zero later. Register now.

Prices (per person):

Members: $499+GST

Non Members: $599+GST



Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be received 5 clear working days prior to the event. Cancellations after this time and ‘no-shows’ on the day will be charged the full invoice amount. Substitutions are permitted if you can no longer attend.