7. First Line Managers and Supervisors - In-house course only

The First Line Manager needs a wider range of knowledge and skills to support the employee-employer relationship. Providing training to First Line Managers has a significant impact on employee development and up-skilling. It is widely recognised as being a significant factor in the retention of employees.
The course has three stages, the first two of which are 2 days with the final stage being one day. This provides opportunities for learning and development over a period of time. The staged approach enables participants to discuss the results of their actions on the job with the course facilitators and other participants.

This course will provide knowledge and skills that will: 

  • Provide the opportunity to work with a number of people from different industries and have an exposure to a wide range of different practices
  • Provide a range of topics with an excellent background in all the areas First Line Managers need to develop 
  • Take participants through progressive development 
  • Allow the First Line Manager to recognise what is important and assist in the development of their team and to focus their energies on what is important


  • The First Line Manager who will have a wider range of skills and knowledge on the job 
  • Managers of participants because of the increased knowledge and ability of the First Line Manager to deal with matters on the job and in being able to
    work through areas for improvement together 
  • Other employees will appreciate the greater confidence in their leader 
  • The organisation will be able to benefit as the First Line Manager will be better equipped to resolve issues and work with people to enhance productivity
    and performance. It also is likely to have a positive effect on skill retention within the organisation

Course Structure

This course consists of three stages each of two days duration:

  • Stage One:    Fundamentals of People Management
    • The role of the Manager/ Supervisor
    • Understanding people—yourself and others
    • Life cycle of the employee—recruitment, induction,
      goal setting, development, succession
    • Planning and decision making
    • Communication
    • Motivation/ delegation
    • Employment Agreements
    • Occupational Health and Safety
    • Human Rights and Privacy Acts
  • Stage Two:   Building a Team - Developing skills to work effective
    • Job descriptions/Interview skills/ induction
    • Teams—how they form and function effectively
    • Managing teams
    • Managing performance and Performance Management
    • Coaching models 
    • Time/ workload management 
    • Managing change
  • Stage Three:  Leadership (Novice to Expert)
    • Characteristics of leadership- some case studies 
    • Facilitation and presentation skills 
    • Managing conflict
    • Problem solving
    • Disciplinary procedures
    • Resilience


2 day course, 9am – 4pm each day

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